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Electronics developers and manufacturers Association

Founded in 2017, the Russian Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association (EDMA) is a non-profit association of Russian electronics companies.

EDMA was established with the aim to:

– Unite the industry business community to develop advanced solutions for the industry

– Expand communications with customers, partners and government regulators in order to implement these solutions

EDMA’s goal:

– Ensure that Russian companies occupy a 5 % share of the world electronics market. The founders of the Association have united to achieve this goal.

ADMA’s objectives and corresponding areas:

– State regulation: create, through state regulation, market demand in Russia, which will be the basis for the Russian electronics industry at the first stage of the development strategy implementation

– Export: ensure the outstripping growth of exports and, following the implementation of the strategy, make export the main source of income for most companies in the industry

– Investment: focus industry investment resources on solving the most promising technological and engineering problems associated with the formation of new electronics markets or the transformation of existing ones

– Cooperation: multiply the number of cooperation ties between industry enterprises and increase the scopes of jointly performed work

– Personnel: create centres for training highly qualified engineering and management personnel on the basis of leading technical universities in each sectoral cluster of the electronics industry to implement industry development projects

– Reduction of barriers: eliminate excessive administrative barriers and risks that reduce the attractiveness of the industry for private investment

EDMA’s guiding principles:

– Responsibility: respect, maintain and develop the industry ecosystem in the interests of customers and electronics manufacturers, and protect it against fraudulent activities

– Equality of the Association’s members: equal rights and equal access to EDMA’s resources for all its members

– Openness: information about the Association’s plans and performance should be open to the entire industry community

Being a leading Russian manufacturer of OEM electronics and sharing the goals and objectives of the Association, ATB Electronics is represented on EDMA committees, responsible for increasing the share of domestic manufacturers in the Russian electronics market, promoting and implementing effective models of contract manufacturing in organisations.