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Telecommunications technologies consortium

Telecommunications Technologies Consortium (TTC, Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation) was created to support the development of the manufacture of Russian telecommunications equipment.

The Consortium’s goals:

– Achieve growth in the use of Russian telecommunications equipment and an increase in the localisation of its manufacture

– Create an ecosystem, conditions and chains: from the development and manufacture of materials, components and devices for systems to their maintenance

– Create workplaces for designers who develop electronic components, equipment and systems

The Consortium’s objectives:

– Implement measures of state support and protection of domestic manufacturers

– Monitor compliance with procurement procedures, represent the interests of its members

– Streamline network development plans and develop Russian telecommunications equipment, units, software, electronic components and materials

TTC’s activities include:

– Support of projects along the entire production chain; development of targeted support measures in the field of telecommunications for projects (final product) rather than individual enterprises.

– Stimulation of demand: creation of targeted support tools for specific projects, products, and initiatives.

– Creation of a unified environment—an open digital system that provides information support to Consortium participants and ensures their immersion in the development, production, training and growth environment.

ATB Electronics is a participant of the Consortium. Having its own R&D centre, engaged in the redesign and development of products within the framework of the import substitution programme, the selection of Russian analogues of electronic components, ATB Electronics not only shares the goals and objectives of the Consortium, but also actively contributes to their achievement.