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Environmental responsibility

ATB Electronics upholds the principles of social and environmental responsibility. The company endeavours to minimise adverse environmental impact and is committed to stewardship of natural resources at all stages of production.

We care about the future and do our best to preserve nature and improve the environmental outlook for future generations by using the most efficient, safest possible technologies and applying sustainable approach to our operations.

Environmental safety of electronics manufacturing covers three major areas:

  • Safe emissions
  • Safe wastewater
  • Safe solid waste disposal

To prevent emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, ATB Electronics facilities are equipped with a powerful ventilation system with high-grade filters featuring an exhaust ventilation system that removes aerosols and organic vapours from the working area.

As ATB Electronics production site is based directly in Moscow, we regard wastewater safety as a crucial element of our operations. Our water disposal system is completely isolated and has no contact with nearby water bodies. All industrial wastewater from our production undergoes filtration.

Electronic components and products are disposed of by certified hazardous waste removal and disposal companies in accordance with Article 8.2 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation.

At ATB Electronics, we take environmental safety seriously and closely monitor emissions. Our company keeps track of new offerings on the decontamination equipment market and regularly upgrades its facilities to prevent hazardous emissions.