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Internet of things Association

The Internet of Things Association (IOTAS, officially—the Association of IOT Market Players) was established by the Internet Initiatives Development Fund and Bauman Moscow State Technical University in December 2016. The idea of creating IOTAS was supported by market players, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, and representatives of the country’s technical universities.

Today the Association is an expert organisation—a leader that unites companies developing technologies, as well as a wide range of market players implementing IoT solutions. IOTAS includes the country’s leading universities, consulting companies, telecommunications operators, and representatives of companies with vertical industrial automation solutions. The wide range of the Association’s interests reveals the true scale of the phenomenon called the ‘Internet of Things’—a combination of technologies, business solutions and challenges associated with the rapid development of IoT in Russia.

IOTAS is a non-profit organisation, created to develop the IoT market, support dialogue and interaction between all participants in the IoT ecosystem in Russia.

The Association is an independent cross-industry platform for companies, educational institutions, NPOs, state authorities and local government bodies that:

– Develop IoT technologies, sensors, controllers, devices, actuators, software, as well as other end-to-end technologies such as big data, predictive services, management systems in industry, municipal administration, agriculture, etc.

– Develop telecommunications infrastructure and Internet of Things services

– Develop and manage Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things platforms

– Develop business practices, a policy for standardisation of technologies and IoT/IIoT protocols

– Actively participate in the digital economy programme and shape a wide range of market players’ opinions with respect to legal regulation

The Internet of Things Association is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and a participant of the Cyber-Physical Systems Technical Committee (TC-194).

The reason why ATB Electronics joined the Internet of Things Association was that the company shares IOTAS’s striving to develop and implement the Industrial Internet of Things, create relevant business practices, develop a policy for standardisation of technologies and IoT/IIoT protocols, build a digital economy, and create new technologies that will change the world.