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Vehicles, logistics and transport infrastructure
Vehicles, logistics and transport infrastructure
Vehicles, logistics and transport infrastructure


We have developed a line of sensors operating in low-energy networks to be used by companies engaged in digitalising transport, cargo and road infrastructure control:

  • For vehicles: axle load, tyre pressure, vibration, and acceleration sensors
  • For cargo shipment control: temperature, humidity, and overload sensors Electronic seals and cargo identification systems
  • For road infrastructure: light sensors and lighting control systems For roads: roadway load sensors

ATB Electronics produces electronic components for smart stops, toll highway lighting systems, parking lots and EV charging stations.

We design and manufacture electronic devices for existing products to be used by manufacturers of on-board vehicle electronics and traffic control systems.

We can offer:

  • A production site with four high-speed surface mount assembly lines to release production batches of different electronic components within one cycle
  • Production and upgrade of GPS trackers, CAN-based vehicle performance monitoring systems, tunnel positioning improvement and speed control systems
  • Development and production of plastic enclosures for vehicle equipment

A fully traceable product life cycle at our production site, from selection of suppliers and purchase of components to arrival of finished products at the customer’s warehouse. We provide warranty and post-warranty servicing and, if necessary, offer product upgrades.

ATB Electronics has been certified as a Russian Manufacturer by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and has experience of obtaining ST-1 certification in cooperation with customers.