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ATB Electronics provides tailored solutions for data collection and management of agricultural processes.

These are of particular interest to manufacturers of agricultural equipment, integrators, comprehensive equipment suppliers and agricultural holding companies.

Our high-tech production site is equipped with four high-speed assembly lines, featuring quick changeover and three conveyor lines for packaging finished products. This enables several products to be manufactured at once.

Given the nature of the operating conditions in agricultural facilities, the production cycle has been modified to include:

  • Design and assembly of tamper-resistant enclosures
  • Development of products with high resistance to harsh environments and mechanical loads
  • Release of products resistant to voltage surges.

ATB Electronics is involved in Russia’s import substitution and domestic certification programme, has experience in obtaining the ST-1 Certificate, takes part in state agricultural support programmes, and regularly holds specialised conferences and meetings.

Our company has developed and produces electronic components for controlling agricultural machinery, as well as data collection and parametric control devices to be used in the production of agricultural equipment and solutions.

For integrators, agricultural holding companies and enterprises that combine equipment from various manufacturers to create their own solutions, we offer data collection products to be integrated into existing systems:

  • Wireless sensors (light, pressure, temperature, humidity, liquid level, shock, vibration, tilt, acceleration, opening/closing)
  • Wireless utility meters (water, gas, electricity, heat)

We provide warranty and post-warranty servicing for all our products. We also upgrade them and extend their life cycle.

Our solutions can be leased, or you can purchase a subscription; there is no need to buy them outright.