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Digitalization (IOT)
Digitalization (IOT)
Digitalization (IOT)


In the field of digitalisation, ATB Electronics specialises in the development and production of sensors and data transmission components. It also acts as a supplier for integrators who assemble their own solutions from existing products.

Our IoT products using GSM, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, XNB, BT and WiFi protocols can be employed in a wide range of areas:

  • Internet of Things (public utilities, smart houses, cities, factories, farms, plants)
  • Automation in a variety of areas, taking into account the specific nature of each area
  • Embedded real-time automatic control systems
  • Identification systems (RFID, NFC)
  • Positioning and navigation systems (GPS / GLONASS)
  • Wireless interfaces and networks

ATB Electronics has expertise in the development of products for IoT and communication and control channels for existing devices using modern communication protocols and low-energy networks. We provide enclosure solutions for various environments.

Our Products

 P/N  Name
 ATB-LW/NB-TH  Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor
 ATB-LW/NB-EXT-T  External Temperature Sensor (up to 200 °C)
 ATB-LW/NB-EXT-H  External Humidity Sensor
 ATB-LW/NB-OPEN  Opening Sensor
 ATB-LW/NB-ILUM  Light Sensor
 ATB-LW/NB-LEVEL  Liquid Level Sensor
 ATB-LW/NB-PRESS  Pressure Sensor
 ATB-LW/NB-AXEL  Acceleration/Shock/Vibration Sensor
 ATB-LW/NB-VIB  Vibration Sensor
 ATB-LW/NB-MODEM  Electricity Meter Controller/Modem
 ATB-LW/NB-PULSE-V  Water Meter Controller
 ATB-LW/NB-PULSE-T  Heat Meter Controller
 ATB-LW/NB-PULSE-G  Gas Meter Controller