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Quality control


Our company implements a quality control policy (including process monitoring equipment, regulations and internal programme of the enterprise) to ensure full traceability of the entire product life cycle at the production site.

Full traceability of the entire product life cycle at the production site (from selection of suppliers to shipment of finished products to the Customer) is necessary to manufacture high-quality products. All components and printed circuit boards are barcoded and added to the database. The capabilities of our equipment make it possible to read barcodes when adjusting the equipment and keep records of components with reference to the corresponding PCB codes. This enables us to clearly determine when, on which machine and from which components this device was made.

Supplier selection. Our company has introduced and successfully applies a set of supplier evaluation criteria. Based on these criteria, the manager evaluates new suppliers and performs regular audits of existing suppliers to ensure compliance with our criteria. This regulation applies not only to suppliers of electronic components, but also to manufacturers of printed circuit boards and consumables used in production.

Incoming inspectionl. Upon arrival at our warehouse, all components undergo a visual inspection, which includes checking the components for mechanical damage and correct labelling, checking the production date and, optionally, parametric testing.

Printed circuit boards are visually inspected for integrity of the conformal coating and solder (protective) mask (especially in the interlead areas of chips), quality of the PCB contour processing, and execution of vias and through holes. Products are checked for dimensional compliance with the Customer's terms of reference and inspected for mechanical damage, nicks, and abrasions. A mandatory solderability test is performed when accepting printed circuit boards.

Quality control technologies:

Solder paste inspection

The main reason for surface mount defects is inadequate solder paste application. Our production lines are equipped with the Parmi HS-60 Automated 3D Solder Paste Optical Inspection System, which allows us to control the following parameters:

  • Solder paste print alignment with the corresponding SMD pads
  • Solder paste volume, with special attention being paid to large contact pads
  • Absence of solder paste bridges between SMD pads

This enables us to quickly change the settings of stencil printers and minimise the number of defective soldered joints on finished products.

Surface mounting quality control

It is necessary to visually control the assembly quality when mounting electronic components on printed circuit boards. The following parameters are evaluated in accordance with the IPC-610 standard:

  • Quality of the soldered joint
  • Presence of the component
  • No component displacement relative to contact pads on the printed circuit board
  • Conformity of the installed component position, polarity, type and rating to the circuit diagram and Customer’s specification, etc.

Automated quality control of soldered joints for mass-produced products is carried out using the in-line Mirtec MV-7XL system, which allows us to perform a 3D soldering quality analysis. This equipment enables us to quickly check the assembled electronic components and make fast repairs.

Manual control. Visual optical inspection is performed when manufacturing pilot batches and prototypes. This area is equipped with four Mantis Elite professional systems and MMP-1 microscopes.

X-ray inspection

FEINFOCUS COMET COUGAR X-Ray Inspection Machine is used to control the soldering quality of chips with leads located under the package. This system enables us to determine:

  • Short-circuit fault
  • Displacement
  • Percentage of voids in the soldered joint
  • Missing leads

If necessary, based on the study results, the Customer is provided with a report with photographs and a description of detected defects or, if no problems were identified, with extracts from IPC standards confirming that the state of the electronic unit, printed circuit board or electronic component is normal.

Electronic component cleaning quality control

For critical products that are operated under high mechanical and/or climatic loads, cleaning quality control is performed using the Zestron Flux Test and Zestron ROSIN Test.

Functional control of finished components and products

Testing and adjustment for medium and large batches are an integral part of the production process.

To test a processor part, a special programme is created that automatically sets specific operating parameters, initialises and interrogates all device chips, and based on the results, makes a conclusion about performance.

Our competence and experience allow us to quickly develop software and test fixtures. We can also integrate and master testing of finished components on the Customer's equipment.

For warranty cases, our production site has a repair area fitted with all the necessary measuring equipment.