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Production of printed circuit boards

ATB electronics has partnered with 10 manufacturers of printed circuit boards. Among them: 3 Russian enterprises, 5 factories in mainland China, 2 factories in Taiwan.

All foreign partners have ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates. Depending on your requirements and technological features, we place the production of boards at the appropriate production site. All printed circuit boards supplied by our company are manufactured and tested according to IPC-A-600F and IPC-D-300G standards.

Our company's engineers:

  • checks printed circuit Board files
  • perform DFM analysis of projects sent by the customer
  • assemble the boards on the panel according to our automatic installation requirements

At the request of the customer, we conduct tests for compliance of boards with Russian GOST 23752-79 in a certified laboratory.

Small-scale production, prototype production

We can produce printed circuit boards in 1 and 2 weeks (depending on the area and complexity of the PCB): from receiving the project to delivery to the office in Moscow (when working with companies in other cities, the delivery time by courier service is added). The boards are manufactured in Russia and Southeast Asia.

  • Technological capabilities – up to 20 dm2, if the complexity of these boards is not high (aspect ratio < 8:1, number of layers <= 8:1) boards can be manufactured in Russia within 5 working days. Small series - up to 100 dm2, we can transport these series in 10 working days. - When manufacturing printed circuit boards with more than 6 layers, the time can be extended to 15 working days.
  • terms for the production of boards with more than 12 layers, or for boards with blind (hidden) holes are specified individually on request.
Serial and large-scale production

Medium - scale production is a series from 100 to 500 dm2, large – scale production is more than 500 dm2.

Production time:the standard production time for medium-scale production is 3-4 weeks, and for large-scale production it is 5-6 weeks.

Types of printed circuit boards supplied
Single and double-sided printed circuit boards

differ in low cost and are widely used. A wide range of CEM-1, FR-2, FR-4 materials is available in THE production, as well as various colors of the protective solder mask and silkscreen marking. Various types of contact surface finishes are available - HASL, OST , Immersion gold (ENIG), Immersion silver.

Multilayer printed circuit boards
modern electronics products require reducing not only the size of the Board topology elements, but also the size of the Board itself. We can produce boards up to 32 words with blind and blind holes

We use high-tech materials FR4 (both standard and high-temperature), Rogers 4000 series, AD series and polyimides, finishing coatings: HASL, Immersion gold (ENIG), Immersion silver. Gold - plated edge connectors.

our production facilities allow you to control the quality of each Board, on small series testing is carried out using the flying probe method, on large ones - by manufacturing equipment, and we can also measure the impedance values according to the customer's request.

Microwave boards
we use materials such as PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene(Teflon), bicarbonate or ceramic laminates reinforced with glass fiber. These materials, due to the low value of the tangent of the dielectric loss angle, are mandatory for use in microwave boards.

our technologies allow us to produce multi-layer printed circuit boards using both standard materials such as FR-4 and microwave in a single PCB stack. After production, all high-frequency boards are tested for dynamic resistance with an accuracy of 5%, and the test data is entered in the test Protocol.

Metal-based boards
This is a great alternative to conventional circuit boards, if the product is exposed during operation to high mechanical stress, or require a high level of dimensional stability, or on-Board elements have strict requirements to the heat sink ( LEDs, power transistors I. t),

For our customers we offer one and two-sided PCB with aluminum base. Depending on the design, their thermal conductivity ranges from 0.67 to 2.2 W/m*K (the value for FR4 is approximately 0.3 W/m*K). We offer a wide range of solder mask colors and finish coatings.

flexible and Flex-rigid printed circuit boards
Depending on the layout, flexible-rigid printed circuit boards can be manufactured according to the symmetric principle (with internal flexible layers) and asymmetric (with external flexible layers). Features of manufacture of these boards are particularly flexible element or the ability to break. I.e. the thickness of the flexible portion, to reduce the likelihood of fracture can be an additional coating with compound. There may also be additional sizing of the joint between the rigid and flexible element. The parameters of the production of printed circuit boards:
  • thickness from 0.15 – 8 mm.
  • Electrocontrol – flying probes and adapter
  • different colors of mask and silkscreen
  • Main types of coating: HAL, HASL and immersion gold.
  • the rigid part is FR-4, FR Nidh Tg, etc., the flexible part is polyimide.
Flexible-rigid boards are widely used in modern devices, due to a number of undeniable advantages: increased reliability of connections, reduced weight and dimensions of the device, the ability to embed in a complex case.

Delivery to the customer's warehouse is carried out by courier services. To evaluate the order, please send the printed circuit Board design and the completed form to the following email address: sale@atb-electronics.com. The file can be in any format. The order is evaluated as soon as possible.