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Assembly of devices


Our company has been producing turnkey electronic devices for more than 10 years—from development of design documentation to delivery of finished products to the Customer’s warehouse. Thanks to the engineering competence of our staff and advanced equipment in the package assembly area, we are able to successfully tackle the challenges of manufacturing and assembling plastic and metal packages, and assembling finished products.


Electronic components are installed in metal and plastic packages, with the possibility of combining these materials. The products are additionally fitted with connecting cables, switches, indicators and displays, toggle switches, buttons, cable glands, and terminal connections. The assembled devices are visually inspected for mechanical damage and undergo parametric testing with special fixtures (provided by the Customer or developed by our engineers).

Design and production of plastic and metal packages

We have competence in the design of plastic and metal packages, including those designed to withstand strong climatic and mechanical impacts, according to specific requirements of the Customer and are able to produce them at our partners’ sites. Upon arrival at our warehouse, all products undergo a complete incoming inspection and only then are transferred to the assembly and packaging area.

Our competence in the design and production of packages and parts:

  • Packages with RF and LF interference protection. Versatile packages of any size without investment in expensive tooling. These products are made of sheet steel that is hot-dip or electrolytically tinned for subsequent soldering. They can be fitted with removable vertical and horizontal partitions to separate compartments inside the package.
  • Packages with ingress protection (up to IP68). These products can be made of aluminium, stainless steel, or polymer-coated structural steel. Thanks to the use of laser cutting and laser welding technologies, it is possible to manufacture customised products at the price of standard and mass-produced items.
  • 19″ packages and components. We design and manufacture packages and components according to the IEC 297 (DIN 41494) standard. We offer a full range of components for assembling mechanical structures of any size:
    • Flanged side plates
    • Ventilated and non-ventilated covers
    • Aluminium profiles
    • Board guides
    • PCB front panels
    • Metal extractors and holders
  • Plastic packages and components. Thanks to our long-term partnership with manufacturers of plastic products both in the CIS and abroad, we are able to take a flexible approach to addressing each specific task when manufacturing plastic parts as per our customers' requirements.
Mechanical processing of packages

Our production site is fitted with all the necessary equipment to modify standard metal and plastic packages from well-known international manufacturers. We make holes for connectors and switches, mill slots for membrane keyboards, and develop non-standard fastening solutions.

Harness production

Our production facilities allow us to manufacture cable products of any complexity. Before being transferred to the package assembly area, all cables manufactured at our production site are always tested to eliminate mounting errors.