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The Radio Electronics Industry Consortium aims to promote the development and improve the competitiveness of Russia’s radio electronics industry.

At the Consortium, design work is carried out by working groups created within its committees. The topics and objectives of the committees are approved by the Board.

The key objective of each committee is to make a substantial contribution to the development of the radio-electronic industry.

The Consortium works towards the following objectives:

– Attract funding for civil projects of the radio-electronic industry.

– Expand cooperation between domestic suppliers at all product aggregation levels within the framework of civil projects.

– Include new players from among industry enterprises in existing and planned large-scale high-tech projects and programmes.

– Promote civilian products of the radio-electronic industry.

– Develop partnerships with foreign companies in the area of technology.

– Pro-actively develop conceptual designs of software and hardware systems for promising markets.

– Increase business opportunities of industry enterprises due to good awareness about partners, competitors, suppliers and customers.

– Support sectoral strategic planning in the field of scientific and technological development.

– Develop the practice of advanced personnel training to meet the requirements of scientific and technological development.

ATB Electronics is an active member of the Consortium. The company promotes cooperation between domestic suppliers and develops its own high-tech projects.