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Product design development

From circuit boards to complex systems.


ATB Electronics employs qualified engineers to tackle the challenges of developing electronic devices and enclosure solutions of any complexity. Our Development and Production Departments work closely together to create technologically sophisticated solutions adapted for mass production.

Our specialists work in the following areas:

Development of circuit designs

Development of electrical circuit diagrams is the most important stage in the design of electrical devices which determines their functionality. This stage precedes prototype production.

Development of printed circuit board and harness layouts

Development of custom circuit boards is essential for modern electronic products. Thanks to innovative technologies, any PCB configuration can be executed.

Circuit and Board simulation
  • Analog nodes
  • Analog and high-speed signal transmission lines
  • Filter capacitors and power polygons
  • Crosstalks
3D and thermal simulation of products of different levels
  • Circuit boards, assemblies, modules
  • Parts, packages
  • Devices, complex systems
Development of algorithms and logic functions for field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and systems on a chip (SOC) from Intel (Altera) and Xilinx
  • Software development
  • Embedded software (firmware, BIOS, operating system builds)
  • Middleware (utilities, communication tools and benchmarks for PC)
Eelectronics development

With an increase in the production of machines and automated equipment in today's world, the demand for the electronics development continues to remain high.

Development of design and programme documentation in accordance with russian state standards (unified system for design documentation and unified system for programme documentation)
  • Specifications, specification sheets, purchased products sheets, etc.
  • Assembly drawings, part drawings
  • Diagrams, lists, connection tables
  • Documents for spare parts, tools, accessories and packing, etc.
  • Text documents (technical specifications, user manuals, data sheets, test plans and procedures, etc.)